• Welcome to our site

    In on website, we want to share with you about our company history, our company philosophy and more importantly, our product range.

    With this, we welcome you to explore the world of edgebandings, the world of Tece!

  • Preglued Edgebanding

    Our ability to produce any edgebanding with preglued form makes our company more effective and better partner for distributors. You can get melamine, PVC or veneer in preglued forms.

  • Quality in Details

    Our quality is visible in the details of our edgebandings. We care not only about the overall quality but also details in raw materials, in packaging and all aspects. For Tece, quality should mean a complete system from top to the bottom.

  • Complete Solution for All

    Whether you need PVC, 3D, 2in1, aluminum, melamine, veneer, or even screw covers Tece is your one stop place where you can get all.

    And yes, we are manufacturing all these products and more.

  • 2in1 Acrylic Edgebanding

    Tece new products of 2in1 will add value to your furniture. With our 2in1, it is now possible to add a new look and style to the furniture.

    Read more to learn about Tece 2in1...

  • Tece around the world!

    The quality should be known by everyone. This is our motto of trying to export our products to as many countries as possible. At the moment, we are exporting our products directly to 90 countries around the world. Click here to learn more about Tece global presense...

Our Visit to Tece Decor Poland

Visit to TECE Poland

It has been few months since our warehouse + office has been operational in Poland. Due to the hectic schedules of our management, we could not make a trip to there. In middle of July, we could finally organize a formal trip to our place in Poland with our chairman.



As previous editions, we were present with our Argentina distributor at the fair.

Our products are well respected in the market. Being able to offer a complete range of edgebandings make us the choice of many furniture producers here.

Our New Warehouse in Poland

Founded in 1987 with a small workshop, Tece constantly continues her moves and investments with the aim of becoming one of the most important players in the world in terms of edgebanding production. The company that has a large dealer network in most of the countries, has completed her first overseas formation with her own capital in order to provide faster and more efficient service to Europe.

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