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We carry out constant research and development because of the rapid technological advancements and the resultant changes in customers' demand pattern in respect to the tastes and fashions.

Our competent team of experts believes that innovation is a continuous process and does not only mean adding new products to the existing portfolio but it also subscribes to the view of developing and improving upon the things that already exist.

At Tece, market research in respect to newer product launches, designs, customers' trends in styles & fashion and demand analysis is an ongoing process. Our R & D team also strives in evolving newer product mixes towards our enhanced customer satisfaction. Through this, we ensure that our customers' needs and demands are conclusively met.

Scratch testing

Checking colormatch with board

Testing a new raw material

Adding a color to match


We believe that the future is about raw materials. Today, the world is using PVC at most. ABS is increasing; PP is trying to replace ABS. So all these events prove that the market is always looking for new polymers or raw material to replace an existing product.

For example, 10-15 years ago, melamine was #1 edgebanding used. Today, it is PVC; in the near future, it will be another material, possibly PP or something different.

To this end, we are going to many polymer related exhibitions to see the new products that could be used in edgebanding production. Our R & D team works continuously to come up with new products.

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