Let Us Help You...

Let Us Help You...

With our growing range of products and services, we are trying to maximize the ways that we help to our customers.

Our range is expanding every day. Today, our plastic range includes PVC, ABS, and PMMA. In near future, other plastics (Such as PP or laser edgebanding) will be added. At TECE, our philosophy is very simple: we need to say 'yes, we have it' to each inquiry about edgebanding. That is because our customer should never have to go elsewhere to find the edgebanding related product that they need.

The complete range of TECE products are below:

You can also view our e-catalog below:

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With about 200 full-time employees, we only produce and develop edgebanding. Our goal is to make our customers lives easier. Sometimes, this is done by providing good quality products, sometimes, adding a new product to the range or sometimes, making a special color swatch for the customer.

Not only we produce products but also we design and develop equipments to help our customers. For example, in this month, we designed and developed a revolutionary slitting equipment that will give flexibility to our customers. The special apparatus will slit any roll into half with the desired width that is needed. So, they can slit a 50mm roll to 22mm+28mm, or a 40mm roll to 28mm+12mm, or a 60mm roll to 35mm+35mm. The equipment slit in thickness between 0.4mm and 1mm. It can work with PVC, ABS, veneer, and melamine.

For more information about how TECE can help you, please get in touch with us.

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