Traveler of Lost City: Cappadocia

Traveler of Lost City: Cappadocia

Cappadocia: One of the most mysterious regions of Turkey and probably of the world. With her mysterious underground cities and man-made caves above ground, Cappadocia region consists of many of the most important tourist attractions of Turkey. It is right to put it this way, Cappadocia is one of the regions of the world that a person must be seen before leaving this world.

At each corner of Cappadocia region (from Ürgüb to Göreme, from Ihlara Canyon to underground cities), there is a magical place to discover. A person with understanding wonders what humanity could achieve this, how they could create an underground city and many other questions.

With the availability of balloon trips, this spectacular region can be seen from the above sky.

If you have not been here or have not been to Turkey, this is a good reason to arrange your next holiday.

In the below, you can see the video filmed with a drone.

Also, below, you will see the photo gallery of Cappadocia...

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