• Interzum 2003, Cologne

    It's always good to remember the past ...

  • Intermob 2003, Istanbul

    TECE was there in the first years of Intermob ..

  • Picnic Team

    This is our picnic photo of 2005.

Nostalgic Photos from 2003
It is always good to remember the past...

For most people, it is always nice to remember the past. As we are celebrating our 30th anniversary, we wanted to share some photos from our old exhibition and production site.

While browsing our old exhibitions and event database, we came across some nice pictures of TECE fairs in Cologne and Istanbul.

The exhibition pictures are from 2003; 15 years back. A lot has changed since then both at TECE and in the world.


Interzum 2003 was the first time that we participated in Germany. After that year, we participated each an every fair of Interzum Cologne.

At that time, the fairs were much more important because the internet was not as available as it is now.

Interzum 1

Interzum 2

Interzum 3

Interzum 4

Interzum 5

Product photo in Showcase

TECE at Intermob 2003

Intermob was still a young fair at that time. The total number of exhibitors were about 250. Today, the fair has grown to be one of the most important fairs in the furniture production industry. 

Yuksel Aydin with Countries TECE export

Intermob 2003

Mr. Tayfur with Mr. Mustafa

Intermob 2003

Intermob 2003

Intermob 2003

Some photos from TECE catalog and production

Old Cover Page of Catalog

Combining color with Nature

Web Intro in about 2000

Production view 1998

Pregluing 1998

Intermob 2002

Intermob 2002

Slitting 1998

Old Cover Catalog

What we did in 2003?

  • We were supplying veneer edgebanding and melamine edgebanding.
  • We had a staff of 30 people...
  • We were exporting to about 14 countries...
  • We were participating in 2-3 fairs in a year...
  • Production area: 2000m2

What we do today?

  • We produce PVC, ABS, metal, 3D, melamine, veneer edgebandings and more...
  • We have about 200 employees producing only edgebanding.
  • We export to ~90 countries.
  • We participate in about 18 exhibitions around the globe.
  • Production area: 28,000m2


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