We work day and night to find ways to support our customers. It is for that reason, we design apparatus.


At TECE, we look for ways to help our distributors, to help them in a way that they are more empowered to be competitive in the market.

For this purpose, we designed and developed a new equipment that will revolutionize the way that our distributors are working. We call it 'SLITTING APPARATUS'. The apparatus will give flexibility so that our customers can slit any roll into half with the desired width that is needed.


In the above video, you can see how the apparatus works.

Tece will supply this apparatus to those customers who actually buy edgebanding. This project is designed to support TECE customers to be flexible. 

For more information, please get in touch with us. 


What you can do?

  • You can slit any thickness between 0.3mm to 1mm. After 1mm, the risk would be damaging the knife and damaging the motor.
  • You can slit as little as 9mm.
  • You can slit the widths that you cannot sell. Let's say, you have a 42mm of black that nobody wants anymore, you can slit that to 21mm each, or 22mm+20mm rolls.

What you cannot do?

  • The apparatus will not slit after 1.2mm. The power is not strong enough.
  • The apparatus will not slit an original width of 71mm. The maximum width can be 70mm. The power is not strong enough.
  • If you don't buy the edgebanding from TECE, you cannot acquire this apparatus from us.


For more details and conditions, please get in touch with you. Please note that TECE is doing this to serve her distributors, not to become a machine producer.

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