Melamine Edgebanding

Melamine Edgebanding 

Edgebanding is perceived as being the most important accessory in furniture making. Edges are the most vulnerable parts of the furniture that are prone to external damages.

Melamine is a special paper that is first impregnated and then covered with lacquer. Impregnation is a process in which the paper is absorbed with resin and covered with lacquer surface. After these processes, the paper gains strength and resistance. In short, melamine is a special surface covering material that has high resistance to impacts, scratches, and abrasion. It is also flexible and suitable for turning corners.

Quality of impregnation determines the quality of the final product. Given this reason, Tece places special emphasis on the quality of the impregnation and uses the right and best quality eco-friendly chemicals during the impregnation process. 

Melamine Production 

To guarantee the superiority, compatibility and competitiveness of all of our products under different conditions, they compulsorily undergo rigorous quality checks.

The regular of unglued melamine edgebanding comes in big jumbo rolls of 65 cm in width and 500 mt in length. This can be changed to suit individual customer preferences. 

Pre-glued rolls of any width and length can also be offered depending on the customer’s requirements. About 250 gr of hot melt per m² is used for pre-glued products in order to have a very strong bonding of the edgebanding.

With more than 150 designs / decors available in the current color swatch, we are able to provide edgebanding for the best-selling colors from many major chipboard producers worldwide. In addition, we continuously add new designs as new trends come about. In addition to our 150 stock colors, we mostly produce special colors based on the customer needs.

If you cannot find the right wood grain design in our standard color swatch, don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to reproduce the design for you.

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    Melamine Edgebanding Comparison

    We DARE you to take action by completing the following tests!

    The folder you have received contains melamine edgebanding samples from TECE. We recommend that you test these samples against the edgebanding you are currently buying. The purpose of this brochure is to demonstrate to you the high quality of TECE products compared with other suppliers.

    The tests on the following pages require sharp observation skills and basic tools such as an iron and a glass of water.
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    Test 1 | Surface Quality

    Hold the A4-size sample and the product (you are currently using) toward the light as shown in the photo. Checking both samples at the same time will help you check the surface quality of both pieces. Compare the following:

    Which product has a superior and more homogeneous surface?
    Which product has better and sharper designs?
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    Test 2 | Scratching

    Take our sample and try to scratch the product with the wooden stick as shown in the photo. Do the same for the other product you are currently using. Check whether the coating shows any defects after being scratched.

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    Test 3 | Moisture Resistance

    Take a glass of cold water, a small piece of TECE edgebanding and a product from another company. Dip the samples into the water and wait 20-30 seconds. Check which sample absorbs water and starts to turn into paper when exposed to moisture.

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    Test 4 | Ironing

    Place our sample on a table and hold an iron directly on it for 20 seconds. Do the same for the product you are currently buying.

    After 20 seconds, check which sample showed more resistance to heat. Note: Make sure to use a dark edgebanding sample for this test.

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    At TECE, we know that our MELAMINE quality is superior from many other suppliers.

    With this guided tests, we wanted to show you this step by step. Of course, there are many other tests that could be done to check the quality. Yet within the limits, we found these tests to be the most effective and measure ones.

    We hope that with this presentation, you are better furnished with the quality of Tece melamine edges.

    Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation.
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