TECE PVC is produced in a state-of-the-art facility
with the best possible formulation and raw materials.

Right Product & Right Matching

A common mistake many furniture makers make is using PVC edgebanding with poor quality or wrong color; this jeopardizes the overall quality of the end-product. At Tece, our highly competent and skilled staff critically examines and selects reputable suppliers for our products. As a result, quality is always guaranteed and our quality teams thoroughly examine each finished product.
PVC in Uni-Color

PVC itself is a very strange material that stands the risk of reacting over time. If not well examined or made with proper ingredients, it can shrink or expand. This is a risk that our customers should never expect when using our products.

UV Printing is The Best

We use UV printing and UV lacquering system and thus the finished product contains no solvent. Furthermore, our product contains no lead!

Our PVC edgebandings are accurately in matched with the panel surfaces which are crucial features in the furniture making industry today. Further to that, they are consistent in thickness and color.

What to expect from Tece Edgebanding

Whenever you purchase any of the Tece’ edgebandings, expect nothing less than the following qualities;

  • Durable against all external damages and hits.
  • Esthetically appealing with its perfect designs and impressive look.
  • Diversified with plenty of colors that perfectly match with the chipboards.
  • Customized; It is possible to choose from smooth, textured, high gloss and wood grain colors.

The standard thicknesses of PVC are 0.4mm, 0.8mm and 2mm. It is, however possible to produce any thickness from 0.3mm to 2.5mm, if demanded.

PVC in Any Size

In our productions, we make jumbo rolls in widths of 610mm. We can slit them to any width that you would prefer. your preference, contact us and we will strive to have it for you.

For more information, contact us and we will strive to have it for you.

Contact Tece Now

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Why Our Edgebandings Stand Out...

First Reason


Thanks to our quality and amount of primer which we apply to the back of PVC edgebanding, we can confirm that you will experience the best possible adhesion of edgebanding to the edge of panel with our products. If you peel of our edgebanding from the panel, you will see that much of board particles will appear on the back of our PVC edgebanding.

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Second Reason

Totally Customized

It is possible to choose from smooth, textured, high gloss and wood grain colors. You can order in thickness between 0.3mm and 2.5mm. The width is totally customized; you can get in 13mm up to 610mm. Just get in touch with us for what TECE can do for you.

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Third Reason

Sharp Designs & Perfect Colormatch

Whether you choose from our existing portfolio or order a special color match, we always try to give the best possible colormatch according to the board. In this image, you can see two different edgebandings applied to a chest of drawer furniture. Without question, having the right color / design of edgebandings will produce the better furniture.

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Time to Choose a Good Supplier
Fourth Reason

A Reliable Edgebanding Supplier

As Tece, for the last 30 years, our only business is to produce and supply premium edgebandings. And for us, no matter the consequences, the most important is to be a reliable supplier and to make our customers satisfied. We make sure that we have the product that our customers need. Simply put 'we give a premium service to our customer'.

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  • test-intro

    PVC Edgebanding Comparison Presentation

    We strongly urge you to go through this comparison presentation. In this site, you will be guided through simple tests which will eventually show you the quality of TECE PVC against your current supplier.

    We simply ask you to compare two samples against each other. Please be sure to follow each step carefully to verify the validity of each step.

    To obtain samples of Tece PVC, please get in touch with us.

    After finishing this presentation, you will have a better idea of quality standards of Tece PVC edging.
  • test-1

    Test 1 | Surface

    Hold our sample with your current supplier under the light (as shown in the photo). Evaluate the following points between two products:

    1. Printing quality
    2. The sharpness of design
    3. The smoothness of colors
    4. The smoothness of the surface
    The UV printing technology enabled us to produce designs that are superior and sharper than any other printing techniques.
  • test-5

    Test 2 | Solvent Test

    Furniture producers must clean the remainder of the glue on the edge after applying the edging to the panel. During this process, the surface of the PVC will be wiped along the corner with some sort of solvent. Thanks to our UV printing and lacquering system, our PVC edging has a high resistant to solvent; this ensures that the color or design would never change no matter what sort of solvent is used.

    Please wipe our PVC sample with the solvent provided; do the same test with your current PVC.

    Now compare which one is still look the same as original.
  • test-5

    Test 3 | Consistency in all thickness and panel

    We take pride in our printing process. On the paper with samples, you can compare our edging matched with panel. All thicknesses are also attached to the paper; 0.4, 0.8 and 2mm. Since we are capable of printing all thickness in the same printing line, we are able to print the same color and same design with all.

    Please make the same comparison with your current supplier.
  • test-5

    Test 4 | Scratch Test

    The edges of panels are the most vulnerable parts of furniture. Thus, they must be durable and strong against hits and damages. PVC itself is a durable material; how about the wood design on the PVC?

    This test would prove that not only Tece PVC edge is durable but also the adhesive of design is strong. Thanks to our UV printing and lacquering technology, both our design and our PVC surface is resistant to scratches and damages.

    Take the wooden stick and hold it in 90 degree angle. Scratch the surface with it at least 5 times. Do this test with your current supplier. Check which products' surface remains the same after the scratch.
  • test-5

    Test 5 | Adhesion Test

    One other way to test the PVC edging is to test the adhesion of the print to the PVC substrate.

    This test is to demonstrate the strength of the lacquer on the surface of Tece PVC.

    Please stick the tape to the surface with as much pressure as possible. And peel the tape off rapidly. If the surface is still proper; then, it shows the strength of the surface.

    Please do the same test on the product of your current supplier and see which products' surface still remains the same.
  • test-5


    At TECE, we know that our PVC quality is superior from many other producers.

    With this guided tests, we wanted to show you this step by step. Of course, there are many other tests that could be done to check the quality. Yet within the limits, we found these tests to be the most effective and measure ones. We hope that with this presentation, you are better furnished with the quality of Tece PVC edges. Please contact us to get actual Tece PVC samples to comparison.

    For more information about the PVC and its production process, please take a minute to view this visual presentation. Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation.

  • Image 01 Intro
  • Image 01 Test 1
  • Image 01 Test 2
  • Image 01 Test 3
  • Image 01 Test 4
  • Image 01 Test 5
  • Image 01 Conclusion

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