Thick Veneer Edgebanding

thick veneer edgebanding 1

Edgebanding, second most important element in furniture after panel, has been our only product line since 1987. During the quarter century, we are proudly supplying a complete line of edgebanding to our customer.

To this end, we have finally accomplished produced thick veneer edgebanding.

At the moment, we are producing up to 1mm. We are combining two layers of veneer sheets with glue and with a special application. Our product is durable against delamination and it is flexible due to the glue technology that we use.

thick veneer edgebanding 2

After lamination of two veneers in a continuous line, we sand the veneer and then slit it to the desired width.

Our products come in continuous rolls without joint which enables the furniture producers to run in full speed in the edgebanders.


Colors: 1mm veneer edgebanding is available in most of the species that we offer.
Width: the width can change from 22mm up 140mm.
The length: 100mt.
Inner core: 200mm or can be adjusted to the demand.

thick veneer edgebanding 3

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