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About edgebanding

In this FAQ, you can find everything about edgebanding and how it should be processed.

Why should you choose Tece as supplier?

The foremost reason is the quality philosophy of our company and management. We never think small, we always think for better products, for better service, for better future. Our complete efforts focused on producing better products and better service. Furthermore, we don’t really care about what other competitors are doing to earn more or to offer cheaper product, we believe that working in the right way and producing the right product can lead us to success.

Our service: service in most cases means that you always have somebody to speak whenever you need urgent products or issues to be resolved. You don't run after your supplier, we run after you to make sure that you are happy with our products. Secondly, service means that you get what you promised (in terms of delivery time, product quality, etc.).

Our range: we don't only give one kind of edgebanding; but all your needs related to edgebanding. If you are a distributor, you can get all sorts of edgebanding in one shipment from one location. If you are furniture producer, you can also get everything that you need for edging process from Tece.

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What is the delivery time of ordered goods?

Our regular delivery time is between 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the order. Yet, if we already have a distributor in your country, they can deliver the orders in much sooner timeframe. 

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What is Tece's production capacity?

Every Second - 20 mt
Every Minute -  1,200 mt
Every Hour - 72,000 mt
Every Day  - 1,728,000 mt
Every Week  - 12,096,000 mt
Every Month  - 52,012,800 mt
Every Year  - 624,153,600 mt

This above figure is combined quantity of PVC (0.8mm on average), melamine, veneer, and 3D edgebandings.

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Can Tece be only supplier for your edging needs?

Yes, we can! We believe that with us, our customers can get all the needs of their edgebanding. At the same time, they should focus on selling more, they can be more successful.

For example, our coatings is supplied by BASF, we never think of coating in our company, we think of how we can do a better service to our customer because our coatings are in the right hands.

That is also what our customers should be doing. That is the key to success. Failure is easy; but success requires much attention, much effort, and much calculation. 

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Can there be a color variation from one order to the next?

There is always a tolerance between productions; yet, this difference should not be recognized by an ordinary edgebanding user. For uni-colors, we measure the tolerance level our spectrophotometer; matching has to be below Δ 1 from one batch to another.

For woodgrain decors, it is checked and controlled by our experienced staff. The colors are approved by experienced staffs who have been working in this field with minimum 5 years.

At Tece, we make sure that all colors are consistent from one batch to another, from one thickness to another. To this end, we have QC staff working around clock. If you see a difference from one batch to another, please contact us.

Please pay attention that panel board suppliers can have difference from one shipment to another. 

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When processing 2mm edgebanding in darker colors, we are having a whitening edge, what to do?

If you are using our product, this could happen because of improper adjustment of side trimmers or polishing unit.

When we match a color, we make sure that we not only match the décor but also the base color of that product. In case of having whitening edges during trimmer process, please follow the below steps.

metil1. There is a polishing unit in edgebander. This must be set correctly. The polishing unit polishes the edge of the edging to the same tone of panel.

2. There is a chemical called M.E.K. (Methyl ethyl Keton), this could be used to clean the part of whitening and make the same color.

In the picture to the below, you can see our product with polished and unpolished results.

polishing vs non polishing

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When processing edgebanding, the end trimming breaks the edgebanding, what to do?

This happens for two reasons:

1. Because the trimming knives are dull; not sharp enough.

2. The edgebanding is not flexible enough or the content of edgebanding is not good. Yet, when you buy Tece products, it contain minimum amount of calcite carbonade which is making this possible.

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Can we get preglued edgebanding in all products?

Yes, Tece offers complete range in preglued format except thicker from 1mm.

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Can we get the product in any width?

Complete range of Tece products (except 3D / 2in1) are manufactured in master roll format. Thus, this enables us to offer our products in our width.

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What thicknesses are possible?

In PVC edgebanding, we produce with calendar system. And thus, we are able to produce in any thickness between 0.3mm and 2.8mm.

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Can you copy any panel or edgebanding?

Edgebanding business is a copy business. In other words, we always try to produce a good match copying the exact design and color of the panel board, or laminate.

It is also possible to copy the edgebanding. But we always prefer to match panel board.

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I can't find a matching edgebanding to my panel board in Tece standard express collection? Can you help?

Yes, we can help you as long as you can order with our minimum order quantity. What is our MOQ? For special color, it is 600kg in plastic and it is 2,000m² in melamine. For more information, you can get in touch with our staff.

In the below table, you can see our minimum order amount in details for PVC edgebanding

minimum order amount for Tece PVC

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Is aluminum real metal?

Yes, it is real metal aluminum or stainless steel foil; laminated to a PVC substrate. This makes the work of the furniture produce much easier as they don’t need to process a complete 1mm metal. Our metal edgebandings can be easily processed with standard edgebanders with only few changes in the parameters. 

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I am using preglued edgebanding but the result is not good? It is not sticking…

If it is our product, this cannot be unless the product has expired. Our preglued edgebanding has a shelf life of 12 months after its production.

If it is a new product, there must be an error in your technique. Make sure that the glue is melted enough and the board edge is free of dust and grease. 

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I need an application for corner edges, which product is suitable for me?

You can use PVC if the edge has no radius. Yet, if it has radios, you can use melamine. 

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For my small shop, which edgebanding do you recommend?

If you don't want to invest in equipment, you can use preglued melamine / preglued PVC edgebanding. You will only need a simple / standard iron. 

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What is the difference between ABS and PVC edgebandings?

In the application of it, there is no difference. The content is different. ABS is a product which is more consumed in Europe whereas PVC is consumed much more in the rest of Europe.

PVC is more resistant to solvent, ABS is not!
ABS is more resistant to fire, PVC is not.

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In melamine, what if the edgebanding is too rigid.

The characteristic of melamine edgebanding is its to be rigid so that it is durable against all condition. A paper like edgebanding will not be as durable as it should be. The edgebanding should not delaminate.

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How do we do packaging?

We are totally customized. We have our own standards and we respect our customer's standards. Our standard for PVC is below:

box dimensions for PVC edgebanding

For pre-glued edgebanding, our standard is 50mt rolls. And box dimension is 27cm x 27cm x H44cm.

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Will an iron melt PVC edgebanding?

Yes, direct contact between a standard iron and PVC can melt the edgebanding. Therefore, the carpenter should use a teflon on the iron. And iron should be set to cotton when dealing with PVC.

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What is the size and how many shades are available in Tece?

At Tece, all products are produced in big jumbo rolls. After that, they are slit to sizes. So Tece can supply in any width between 16mm and 610mm. 

In our express collection, we have more than 200 colors readily available in 0.4mm, 0.8mm, and 2mm. Additionally, we can match any board that exists in the world. 

Get in touch with us if you have any question.

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What is the difference between ABS edgebanding and PVC edgebanding?

Should you prefer to use ABS or PVC edgebanding? This really depends. For sure, ABS is more ecological. The result and purpose of both products are 100% same. More information can be found below:

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About Tece

Everything about Tece and our product portfolio...

What is the country of origin of Tece’s products?

All our products are made in Turkey; including the gadgets and hotmelt which we sell as supplements.

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Where can I buy Tece products?

If you are a distributor or bulk buyer, please contact with us so that we can send samples and pricing.

If you are a carpenter or buyer of small quantity, Tece products are readily available in more than 80 countries around the world. Just get in touch with us so that we can tell you where you can buy our products.

You can see our presence on this map.

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Can you export to my country?

Yes, we can. We are exporting to many countries around the world. You have to get in touch with us to see if you can buy directly from Tece or buy through our distributor.

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What is the Tece's environmental policy?

We want to leave a healthy, clean world to the future generations. We invest much to this purpose. Making sure that we do not pollute the world and creating a good environment for our stakeholders are our top priorities. In many cases, this is an additional cost us but producing our products without harming anything is much more valuable than earning some extra percentage. Our motto is simply 'we can always earn the money; the environment cannot be earn once it is lost'.

Furthermore, Tece is located in one of the most developed industrial zones of Turkey and we are continuously being checked by the Environmental agency.

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What is the guarantee provided by Tece for all her products?

We stand firm behind the quality of our product. When buying our products, our customers should know that there is a quality to it, there is intelligent effort put into it. There is a company waiting to help and solve issues in case of any problem.

Our edgebandings have a shelf life between 1 year and 2 years after production. This time depends on product range; preglued products must be consumed within 12 months of production; the rest can be consumed within 2 years. And our product is guaranteed for this time period.

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Is Tece a manufacturer of this wide range of products?

Yes. In the world, Tece has the widest range of edgebanding products. Tece only sells the edgebandings which are produced under her roof. Additionally, we coordinate with other companies for supplying hot melt glue, edge trimmer, screw covers, and other gadgets.

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What are the working hours of Tece?

Our production works 24/7. Our offer is open Monday through Friday between 8:30am till 6:30pm. If you call after hours, someone will also try to help you.

Only few days of the year, Tece stops production. 

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What is the turnover of Tece worldwide?

To give the turnover of Tece is not appropriate on our website as Tece is a privately owned-company. But below, you can see our production capacity and you can figure out our total sales.

ReferenceMeters sold
Every Second 18 mt
Every Minute 1,080 mt
Every Hour 64,800 mt
Every Day 1,555,200 mt
Every Week 10,886,400 mt
Every Month 46,811,520 mt
Every Year 561,738,240 mt

The above calculation is based on the average sales of Tece. PVC thickness of 0.8mm and width of 20mm are taken as reference.

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About other product lines

Tece does not only supply edgebanding but we have other products to support the processing of edgebanding. In this section, you can find out more about this.

I want to get screw covers, what do I need to do?

Screw covers are our complement product offering of Tece. It is only sold with edgebanding. Same like, rewinder, edge trimmer, and hot melt. With these products, we only try to help our customer without considering profit. 

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Do we offer stained or varnished veneer edgebanding?

No, we don't apply any treatment in veneer. The product is sold as natural. It is sanded and slit. 

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How to choose the right hot melt?

Hot melt is an important element in edgebanding processing. And it is something that should not be changed so easily. There are worldwide brands of hot melt, jowat, henkel, and so on. And there are others with not so famous names. It is up to the customer’s mindset and capability to choose the right product for the need.

In some cases, we had witnessed that even those famous brands outsources their production to non-famous companies. The edgebander operator has to check the product, use it, peel it, and see the result. Accordingly, they can decide what to do.

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What is the cost of the machine which counts and rolls bigger rolls into smaller?

Our rewinding machine is a special tool to rewind rolls to the small length of rolls.

2015 December Rewinder

This machine is a great tool for shops who sell their rolls to small carpenter. They can charge the precise cost to the customer without having to open the roll in the store.

The normal cost of this machine is ~4,000 euro from the machine producers. Yet, due to our hard work and quantity of production, we supply them at our cost which is about ~1,000 euro.

This machine is compact, yet, it is fully electronic with invertor for speed control, encoder which would stop at any length indicated at the screen.

For more information, see our catalog here in PDF.

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