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    With this gallery, you will witness the complete solution of edgebandings manufactured by Tece. This gallery is enriched with videos, graphics, and audios.

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    Melamine Edgebanding
  • 2in1 / 3D PMMA Edgebanding

    2in1 and 3D edgebandings are produced from PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate - Acrylic). Both 2in1 and 3D edgebanding are translucent plastic products which give 3D depth to the panel (especially high gloss panels). In return, this edgebanding adds great value to the finished furniture with its 3D brilliant optical look.

    PMMA 2

    For more information of our PVC product range, please see the below links:

    PMMA Exhibition
  • Aluminum Edgebanding

    Aluminum adds real metal effect to the furniture. If the surface of panel is aluminum, the carpenter will need the same edge for the sides. Or alternatively, to add different look, only aluminum edge is used on white to create a contrast. At Tece, we offer both aluminum and stainless steel edgebandings.

    Aluminum 2

    For more information of our PVC product range, please see the below links

    PVC Exhibition
  • Veneer Edgebanding

    Demand for veneer edgebanding exists for decades. And it will be so for the future even though the markets have decreased in recent years. At Tece, we offer the perfect solution with preglued or other forms of veneer edgebanding.

    You can listen to our presentation of veneer edgebanding here.

    For more information of our veneer product range, please see the below links:

    PVC Exhibition
  • Other Complimentary Products

    Tece's mission has always been 'to supply a complete solution of edgebanding to her customers'. With this philosophy, we not only supply edgebanding but also other components that will help our customers to develop better business. In this sense, components mean material, apparatus or devices that are totally related to edgebanding. In the below, you can see some of our material or gadgets:

    • Hot Melt Adhesive
    • Screw Covers
    • Rewinding Apparatus
    • Trimmer Device
    PVC Exhibition
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